"Food is my way of expressing gratitude."

-Juliana Luna


We started Living Kitchen out of a shared love of preparing and eating organic, plant-based foods that made us feel good. We wanted to eat more mindfully, but couldn't find restaurants or products that delivered the flavor we were craving. So we decided to do it ourselves. Preparing real food made from living ingredients is only part of our mission. It is equally important to us that the food we prepare is unapologetically delicious. Nutritious food does not have to taste like it is just, well, nutritious!

With restaurants in Charlotte’s historic South End and in downtown Raleigh, we are privileged to serve nutritious and delicious food to our awesome community.

Living Kitchen also offers a wide array of packaged products, including a line of plant-based Cookie Bites and Love Bars, both sold in local retail stores and in Whole Foods stores across the Southeastern US. We have recently added a line of CBD Cookie Bites. All of our products are certified organic, gluten-free, and vegan.